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MammaMia is a school – with a charitable purpose – of Italian language and culture for children and adults. Our aim is to promote, preserve and share our language and its cultural heritage among the Italian-speaking community and the local community. 

Our courses are intended for Italian children who are currently living and being schooled in the UK as well as children of other nationalities who approach Italian as a foreign language, and for those young people and adult learners who wish to learn Italian for study, work and tourism.

Our classes for kids help children learn Italian through play, fun games and catchy songs and within a relaxed and comfortable environment: this enables children to learn naturally and effectively, whilst enjoying themselves, and encourages the interaction with their peers.

Our classes for young and adult learners are divided by level of knowledge and learning aims, and offer the opportunity to widen and enrich the understanding of the language through personalised programs focussing on distinctive aspects of the Italian heritage and society.

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